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arduino Arduino.
processing Processing/.js.
interactive Interactive.
screen Screen-based.
physical Physical Interface.
dataViz Data Visualization.
collabo Collaboration.

  • You Will Be Safe Video installation, 2012. Work comissioned for Boston CyberArts Art on the Marquee.
  • You Will Be Safe is based on a performance of That Girl and the Other One by KAIROS Dance Theater. The piece explores the dynamics of relationships between women from adolescence through adulthood. You Will Be Safe is based on a solo piece developed by KAIROS dancer Kristin Wagner for That Girl and the Other One. As part of a summer 2012 residency project at the Boston Center for the Arts, I worked with KAIROS choreographers DeAnna Pellecchia and Ingrid Schatz to create interactive, real-time projections based on dancers' movements, which became part of the show's choreography. You Will Be Safe was created using a Kinect and the OpenCV motion-tracking software library for Processing. At full size on the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center's screens, Wagner's figure towers above pedestrians, emphasizing the power and vulnerability of her movements. you will be safe